Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Blog melt down.

Due to a misunderstanding about how the Android app interfaces with the Windows version, I got up this morning and managed to delete every post i uploaded since we arrived in France. I feel infuriated and stupid in equal measure.

Luckily, I draft the posts on the memo app on my mobile, so I've reloaded the words in  their unproofed state. What has gone for the moment are the photos. I will upload those again when we next have reliable WiFi. Apologies to Steve who left a comment the other day, that has been erased, as has my reply.


A day later - it's taken hours, but the photos are now restored. A word of warning to others using a combination of Blogger on Android and Windows. It seems that posts in draft on Android over-write finalised, published posts in Windows. So, if you draft the post on your mobile, but publish it using your computer, you are left with drafts on the Android version. The natural inclination is to delete them as a published version now exists. If you do, the published version gets deleted too.

I won't do that again.

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