Friday, 27 November 2015

Re-thinking the everyday.

Thursday, 26th November

We have had to re-think all of our plans. Gill is basically non-ambulant. She is able to shuffle around the van clinging onto the furniture, but it's definitely a two person job to help her into bed. The instructions from Noto hospital were to leave the elastic bandage on until Saturday, then replace it with a velcro strapped knee support. We need to find a largish pharmacy tomorrow to find the item.

We had it all planned out, a visit to Punto Secca to see the Inspector Montelbano locations, a trip up to Piazza Armerina to look at the Roman mosaics. Now everything is on hold, with fingers crossed that her knee improves enough for us to travel to Catania by bus next Friday. We are checking Easyjet website for the details of arrangements for passengers with mobility problems. It's all very silly.

In truth the weather has been so wild and stormy that we could not have done the sightseeing stuff anyway. The stopover at here at Punto Secco is a bit ramshackle and primitive. With the wind and rain buffeting the van and the sea roaring away less than 100 metres away, parked here on this remote campsite, it does feel a long way from home. We just have to accept if you travel for months on end it is not always going to be great.

Stormy weather on the way to Punta Secca

Wild sea - a few feet from the road - it's a good thing the Med does not have much of a tidal reach.
Hundreds of people on Motorhome Adventures clicked a get well soon message. That really cheered us up. Now though, all those posts have simply disappeared, which is odd, the site must have had a bit of a glitch.

Thank you from Gill for all the goodwill messages.
Another thunderstorm is rolling through. Time to turn in, it can't rain forever. What we have decided to do is head a few miles along the coast to Camping Scarebeo where we have arranged to store the van. A few extra days there will be useful. Then van needs a thorough clean. , inside and out, then the systems closed down for storage. Early next week the weather is forecast to get sunny again, if a little chillier. We have had a marvellous journey, apart from yesterday. Things will get better, I am sure.


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  1. I am loving your blog. I started reading a couple on months ago and am reading several posts per day! We bought our old Hymer in October 2015 and used it quite a bit in the UK, from the a Black Isle to St Agnes from our home near Southwold. Next Spring we are going to venture abroad health and hospital appointments permitting! I was very sorry to hear about Gill's knee and I am tempted to skip ahead to check that everything healed up ok (I am writing this over a year after the events described) but I am resisting that temptation so far. Anyway very many thanks for your excellent blog, I love the photos and especially your brand of humour and feel privileged to be able to share your adventures both the ups and the downs.

  2. Very mysterious to get a comment from 'unknown'. In a way you represent all the unknown page views that click ever upwards on the counter leaving me wondering, who are all the mysterious people reading this. It is really heartwarming to hear from someone who is enjoying the blog, especially when they are so complimentary. Without giving the plot away, you will be glad to know that Gill recovered well from the knee injury, and after some intensive physio last January was fit enough for us to resume our travels. She is more or less completely recovered, but still finds going down very steep slopes a bit of a challenge. If you are a year behind, then there is a lot to keep you going - our trip back from Sicily took us until late May. We have only just returned from a 10 week trip through France, Spain and Portugal. In between, over the summer we explored some bits of England that we had not yet visited - including Suffolk. It is lovely, I think you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place - we have always wanted to live by the sea, but never quite managed it. Of course you must 'venture abroad'; actually, it's far easier using a moho is Europe than in the UK, because most countries are far more geared-up, providing lots of places to stay, including free ones. So, where would you go first? It's certainly the case you don't have to travel far to find really interesting places - our shorter trips to the French Ardennes and the Moselle were just as enjoyable as our longer term travels. We are grounded for a while due to family circumstances, but hoping to head to Corsica in the late spring. Thanks again for your kind comment, and 'bon voyage'.

  3. Hello Pete

    I don't know why it saved a Unknown. I was not trying to be mysterious! I have logged in properly this time. I keep a record of our travels in a blog at and is nothing like as good or as detailed as yours but I keep it more as a record for us later to see where we went and what we did.

    1. Hi Tim,
      I quite liked having a mysterious reader, but it is great to be able to put a name and a face to to the words. I think your blog does exactly what you set out to achieve - to keep a record of your travels. It's well designed, easy to navigate and has useful information to other motorhomers. I found the maps particularly useful, especially as we are planning a trip to Devon in the Spring.

      I really like the sense you are following our journey consecutively as if it was a story. Of course, in a way it is, though I try to write each entry as an 'episode' that captures something unique about the day. So, although the posts are often put together as and when we have good wifi, the actual words are written on a notes app on my mobile mostly 'in the moment'. Some people's 'happy place' is with a fishing rod in their hand, climbing a mountain or playing the piano. Mine is when I am writing or travelling - so to be able to both is just perfect.