Saturday, 14 November 2015

No time for laughter.

Friday November 13th 

I had just begun to try to write something humorous about the fact that our day of minor misfortunes yesterday happened to fall on Friday 13th, when Gill opened an email sent from our daughter Sarah posted late last night. It read, 'Have you seen the news from Paris?'

We hadn't. Now I feel very sad, and a bit angry. All you can do is express sympathy for the families of the bereaved, mourn for the innocent victims of violence and war, and express solidarity with France, who along with America and Britain have for centuries been architects and defenders of Democracy and Freedom. We don't always manage to live up to those high ideals, particularly in our more imperialist tendencies, but that does not mean we should not continue to aspire to Liberty, Egalité Fraternity, and when threatened by tyranny and superstition be prepared to defend them.

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