Friday, 23 October 2015

Photogenic Finikounda

It's been horrible weather, thundery downpours for two days. The BBC are reporting flash flooding in Athens sweeping cars away. The storms must be affecting the whole of Greece. Despite this, we have managed to dodge the deluges and take walks to nearby Finikounda. Even under overcast skies it's lovely. Here's some's mission, satisfy Gill's cheese pie urge....

Cheese pie!!!!

We topped-up our cheese pie lunch with a small Greek salad once we got back to the van. It rained a bit, then stopped. The forecast is for the weather to improve by tomorrow. In a brief lull in the thundery rain we took a walk along the beach. This was not the blue-sky Greece of tourist brochures, but a wild, windswept landscape, grey and melancholy. No wonder the ancients thought of their gods as an unpredictable and untrustworthy bunch. This afternoon was thunderbolt packed, though it's fair to say that the only Olympian specimen of manhood to pass-by was travelling by moped, which is really not quite the same as appearing as a bull, swan, or shower of gold.

Anyway, I took a few more photographs. I've become lazy about photography these days, mostly snapping away with the camera on my iphone, which basic. For some reason I lugged my Canon SLR along this afternoon. I'm pleased I did, the light was soft and silvery simultaneously, which is rare, and lovely, like pewter.


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