Saturday, 26 November 2016

On our holidays

We have spent the last four days staying in Moraira, a small resort between Calpe and Javea on the Costa Blanca. For us, that amounts to a mini-break in our journey. Only half joking, we agreed we needed a bit of a holiday. This is partly true, because if you travel for weeks on end, then what you are doing is not exactly a holiday. That implies a refreshing change of routine, whether the dream break involves lounging by a pool, canoeing across the Sahara or taking in 'The Fringe'. Travel long enough, and we have been on the road for fifteen months out the last thirty, then inevitably it becomes a way of life, with its own routine. Sometimes you need a break from it, particularly as it has been more intense than our two previous journeys. That was not the original intention, it is simply the way things panned out.
Moraira - a lovely prospect to the east...
a view towards Calpe and Penyal d'Ifac

Well maintained walk ways run along the shoure for about 4 kilometres.
So what we have we done with ourselves? Well the intention was, not very much. We used the laundry facilities which should give us enough clean clothes to see us through final two weeks of the trip. Trotted back and forth into the town to buy bread and other bits and pieces. We've wandered along the sea front, climbed up to El Portlet and admired the view across the bay towards Calpe. So although we have not done much at all, we reckon because the campsite is about 2km from the town centre we have been clocking up between 10 to 12 kilometres per day just mooching about, which had got to be good for us.

Stop and stare moment
Morning bread expedition

Palm fringed promenade
It's a popular place with the British. In the seafront cafés there is a distinctly English hubbub. I can understand why. The town is quiet and low key. Though it's hardly undeveloped, villas and urbanisations predominate, and most are half hidden among the forest of umbrella pines that cover the hills. No wonder we like it, it's a bit of a leafy suburb in the sun.

Nice views - that's what we Brits like - it's no co-incidence we invented the picturesque..

After taking in the view, staring in estate agent's windows is another national pastime....

Moraira has many, Estate Agents probably outnumberany other sort of shop.
Two couples we met on the site are taking a few weeks break from travelling and renting villas on a short term winter let. It's an interesting alternative to flying home for Christmas and we have done for the past couple of years. Perhaps it's something we might consider in the future, if circumstances allow.

A first - underwear for trres.
Villas among the palms and pines...

It's a leafy suburb by the Med, no wonder the British love it here.
A silvery day

So, with our imaginary matching Jack Russells we wandered the well tended promenades and cliff side walkways, looked in the estate agents windows at unaffordable villas, admired the view, sat and stared at the sea and exchanged fatuous comments about 'not being able to do this at home'; in other words we behaved absolutely in accordance with accepted norms. This, of course, raises the issue about conforming to stereotype. Is it merely a question of perspective; what for you seems to be a natural response appears from an objective observer's point of view stereotypical behaviour? Few of us are truly individualists, understanding that has made Mark Zuckerberg very rich indeed.

It's last coffees by the Med moment

Illy... fwew are not utterly immune from brand loyalty.
Having tossed this  thought around a bit, we finished our last coffees with a Med view, wandered slowly along the beach taking farewell shots of the sea. It would have been nice if the Mediterranean had put on it's happy bright face on to say goodbye, but even here winter is on its way, so a silver-grey valedictory wave is what we got, and that has its own beauty.

Mare nostrum.


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