Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Blue skies south of the Loire

Neufchatel en Bray to Romorantin - Lanthaney, 203 miles.

Another long drive. I feel exhausted tonight It's slow going using N roads to avoid tolls and the endless prairie-like wheatfields south of Chartres are very tedious. Eventually we reached the Loire and headed south for a few miles into La Sologne, a tract of forest and marsh near Romorantin-Lanthenay. The area is renowned as a haven for wildlife and signs of them abound, with warning triangles above cautioning motorists of collision hazards with small deer, big deer and marauding 'sanglier'.

Romorantin-Latheney - Camping Municipal, lovely evening after a dull day.
The municipal camping at Romorantin-Latheney typical, placed next to the municipal sports facilities on the edge of town. It's set in a pleasant wooded area next to the river Sauldre. Today has been mostly overcast and chilly, but towards evening the sky cleared and the air became warmer. We ate outside and watched the misty pink sunset slowly fade. Afterwards I wandered down to the river bank and stared at the evening light shimmering in the glassy water and photographed the upside down trees.

Pellucid!' The word popped into my head, but I could not decide if it was a real word, or one that I had imagined. I had to Google it later, and much to my relief it is a real word, and appropriate! One of the depressing aspects of the grey-haired brain is how you lose words, year by year you observe your vocabulary recede as inexorably as your hairline. So, I guess I should celebrate being able stare at a 'pellucid' stream at twilight, as someday soon I will end up staring at a river's reflections wordlessly, and soon after the river will remain but I won't. So, a toast to the here and now, because, in truth, that is all we have.


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