Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Lazy Sunday (and Monday) Afternoon.

It is remarkable how doing very little can fill whole days. It's taken me a long while to reach the point where I am not worried by having time to spare. Sunday, we pedalled to the next village, then pedalled back again. It was hardly any distance at all, well not horizontally, it was a fair old whoosh downwards, and a stately ride back, no huffing and puffing, ebikes are fabulous things.

We never did find the track to the hill-top village

Gill scoots up-hill
In the late afternoon we revisited Montecatini Alto, skirted its circuitous walls, found the funicular station and a metalled road to the central square, so avoiding the steep cobbled street that we struggled up on Friday. A mooch around the menus identified a nice place for lunch tomorrow. See I told you we filled the day with very little, and came up with a plan for advanced bugger-all tomorrow into the bargain.

Montecatini Alto 

A Funicular connects the hill village to Montecatini Terme below

Put there just to add a bit of 'La Dolce Vita' style

Next day, we did a bit of washing in the morning, had a relaxed long lunch in the main square of Montecatini Alto, wobbled home, stared at the view from our pitch, Gill magicked a Moroccan style couscous dish, watched an episode of Borgen, and suddenly we were sleepy... time for bed. 

We parked the bikes in the main square
headed towards the parish church and famous clock tower

taking a walk through some lovely, but steep alleyways

The clock has an old style face which only chimes every six hours - don't understand!

The medieval church had a late 18th century make-over.

Lots of paintings in the interior of ecstatic saints and suffering martyrs - but I liked the sweet simplicity of this little putti.


We ignored the pizza menu and went for panini with local ham and cheese.

Mine looked small on the menu picture - on arrival it could have fed a family
No space for pud - anyway Pinocchio ice-cream is just too weird.

We have not been back a week yet, but already we have slipped into the Moho zone's sedate space/time - a soporific everlasting now.


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