Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Driftwood - great beach, terrible ear-worm.

Tuesday 8th March

Rain was forecast for today, but we woke to sunlight slanting through the pines. It was a chilly 9 degrees in the van. There seemed no really good reason to roll out of bed early. The choice was, pack up and head north towards Paestum, or stay here another day. In the end we decided to stay put. We went for a couple of walks on the beach; otherwise we had a relaxed day, mooching about without doing much at all. The wifi is good and free, so I fiddled about with the blog.

We had a real beachcomber walk - big skies, endless beach, weird stuff washed up on the shore. Here's some pictures:

Big sky + Gill
Huge beach + Gill
Driftwood + beach = Travis ear-worm...
Flotsam - cane chair
Flotsam - body on beach
Flotsam - snaky red tube
Pine fringed shore

Walk through the woods

Mimosa + Gill


Dune flowers like embroidery  (nice shot, Gill x)

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