Saturday, 13 February 2016

Fourth member of the trio.

Friday 12th February, 2016

Our journey began with the three of us, two humans and 3.5 tons of white, slightly scratched metal.

Since Christmas we have been joined by a new member. No, we have not succumbed to sentiment and adopted a cockapoo. Our eldest daughter, Sarah, bought us a jolly looking diminutive gnome for Christmas. I can only hazard a guess at her reasons for doing this. I suspect they involve a somewhat ironic recognition that having retired, and adopted an itinerant life in a motorhome, that her increasingly grey-haired parents are being drawn inexorably toward a state of semi- bungaloid torpor, a change of status that can only be recognised symbolically by the adoption of a gnome.

Gnome has joined us on our travels. He will make occasional appearances in places of historical and cultural significance. If he behaves himself perhaps he might be allowed to make the occasional gnomic aside on the blog.

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