Thursday, 12 November 2015

Slight Change of Plan

Yesterday we received the following email from Direct Ferries:
Good afternoon,

Please be advised that due to operational changes, your return sailing will now depart @01:00 and arrive same day @ 16:30. Please reply to this e-mail so I know you’ve received this.

Kind Regards

Josh Parker
Call Centre Agent
Direct Ferries Ltd

Now I may be simply feeling dense, but this seemed quite ambiguous. Our original booking was, somewhat ominously, for 17:00 on Friday 13th November, and it seemed less than obvious from Josh's email if the sailing had been brought forward to 1.00am on the 13th, or delayed until 1:00am on the 14th. A further exchange clarified that in fact the sailing had been brought forward, so the two days planned in Akrata Beach camping unexpectedly became one, and the end of our Peloponessian adventure suddenly seemed imminent.

This camp site at Akrata Beach is one of the best we have come across. Off season it's good to give the owner a quick ring to tell them that you are planning to arrive,, Manolis will open up and make sure you are fully catered for. The pebble beach is great for swimming, the facilities modern and the free wifi throughout the site good enough to meet the needs of the blogspot obsessed.

So, in the small hours of tomorrow it's Italia here we come, I could not think of a better place to end this stage of our journey. I am sure we will meet Manolis and his Australian born wife Toulis some day in the future, Greece is somewhere we will return to - perhaps exploring the northern part a little from Igoumenitsa, before returning to the Peloponnese. So, time to say Adio Hellas, with a lunch of toasted bread, fresh olive oil, feta and tomatoes. As Manolis said," it's simple food, but good enough for the gods!"

A few final photos of Akrata Beach, I have no idea when we might have wifi next, but, anticipating a sleepless night on the boat, I might try to pull some thoughts together later about things we have learned over the past month which might be useful to to others planning to travel here by motorhome off-season.

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