Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Noto - grand buildings, simple food.

Noto is world famous as one of the highpoints of Sicilian Baroque architecture. The way the 17th century masons were able to mould the cream coloured stone into fantastical forms, as if  plastercine, is breathtaking.

It's not just individual buildings that are outstanding, but also the way viistas are used for theatrical effect.

Take a classically proportioned facade, then bend it, as if it was cardboard!

Slightly more sober, the Opera House from the 1860s
The figures on the steps give some sense of the monumental scale.

Playing with the classical concentions - Vitruvius would turn in his grave.

Grand facades

and grand streets

Ornate balconies....

However, Noto is not just a moribund architectural showcase, it is a lively, busy town. Good places to have a lunch-time snack abound. Ananchi Planet is exactly what it says, a place that celebrates Sicilian street food.

Calzone - yum!
Ananchini con funghi... yum yum.

Discovery of the day.... Gelateria sell great coffee (and complimentary cakes) as well as stunning ice cream.
You've read the time for the movie!


  1. Hi Guys
    This is definitely a bot looking at your site. We are following your travels and reliving our past travels as many of the places you are visiting we have also seen. A bit jealous that we are back home working while you are having an adventure. I hope Gill gets better it,s no fun be immobile when there is so much to see and explore. Safe travels.
    Ewout and Jenny

  2. Hi - great to hear from you. So, when are you going to be able to escape the trials of wage-slavery and get back on the road? Gill is a bit more mobile today, but will still need to be trundled through Catania airport like an octogenarian. She is not going to like that... Hopefully it is just a simple (but painful) sprain, and she will be her usual sprightly self when we re-start our travels in early February. best wishes, Pete and Gill.