Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Blue Med Day

Monday 2nd November

After the drizzly weather of the last few days the forecast promised a gradual improvement. Last night I noticed a few dull stars trying to twinkle through the mist, 'that's a bit of an improvement' I thought to myself.

If you are parked on the quayside of a small fishing harbour, then you can't really complain if one of the fishermen arrives at first light and starts up a generator. I peered out of one side of the bedroom window, it was definitely dawn. After a bit of a doze (chug, chug, chug went the generator) I crawled to the other end of the bed and pulled-up the blind. A golden light flooded in, the sun had just risen over the sea."That's bright" Gill murmured, "What time is it?" I am not sure that she entirely welcomed the news that it was almost 6:45, nor the fact she was being serenaded by a generator.

Today dawned wall to wall blue. There is a bit of a chill northerly breeze, however, it's washed all the moisture from the air; the light is stunning and the colours CGI vivid. We snapped away, with many a Wow! Here's a few pictures of a perfectly blue Mediterranean day. We are in Arcadia, and today it's decided to live up to its image.

1. Morning at Agios Andreas Camperstop:

Cloudless sunrise

morning light

A small river runs into the sea next to the harbour, picturesque, but mosquito heaven!

Spot the motorhome...

The toilets are disfunctional at the harbour, but the external tap works.
The road to the camperstop -  Arcadian!

2. The road to Nafplio

It was just a short drive from the camperstop to the town of Nafplio, just an innocuous looking main road on the map, in reality a stunning corniche running along the cliffs next to the Gulf of Argolis. Greece never ceases to surprise and amaze, usually in a good way! On the way we had a look at the beach side camperstop north of Par Astros, which was a possibility for last night. It's fine, though pulling out of the steep access road Maisy's long over-hang at the back crunched on the ground - no damage. All the dodgy moments we've had have been associated with beach access. The lesson might be, stick to harbour stops. 

Par Astros camperstop - OK. but watch the steep exit

What goes up.....

View from the cab...the coast road to Napfloi is stunning.
We called in at an archeological site called Ancient Lerna, I think I am going to put a separate post up about it; the experience proved very thought provoking.

3. An Afternoon in Nafplio

Fishing harbour

The local fish restaurants try to out-do each other with beauteously arranged freezer displays...

Napflion is really rather stylish and up-market, a bit of a Hellenic Cannes.

Extensive seafront, overlooked by ancient fortresses.

Flower decked marbled backstreets full of jewellery shops.

Illy coffee - we can't resist...

Not everything is tasteful....

And then there is the Attic junk shops,
one ruin on top of another...

There are two castles, one is up a hill, the other on top of a mountain, we decided to admire the latter, from the former.

Distant view of the harbour...

There she is! Hello Maisy...

4. Camping at not Triton II

Camping Triton II at nearby Drepano is reckoned to be one of the best all year sites in the Peloponnese. Not cheap, but reputed to be excellent. We would not know. It was shut. Luckily, the smaller site next door, called New Triton (very confusing) which was due to close, accommodated us. The owner is very helpful, the facilities are great, and we have the place to ourselves.


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