Sunday, 25 October 2015

Haunts of Ancient Peace

I think I need to stop checking into Facebook. What happened yesterday is I began a blog post about Koroni and ended up ranting about global economics and failed to mention our beautiful walk from the town up to the cliff top castle above it. We had the place to ourselves, 'a haunt of ancient peace' to quote the mighty Van Morrison.

Here's some pictures -

The square below the castle is lined with mansions from the time of Venetian rule, some are falling to bits
A steep climb up to the forrtress

buit you get a great harbour view.

View from the (crumbling) ramparts across to Stoupa and the Mani

the crumbling walls...

Ancient gateways...look at the poor old soul struggling up the hill, moaning about his creaking joints..

great view...

"What do you mean, did I remember to put the SD card in this time?"
Within the castle walls there is a convent, including this very old looking Byzantine chapel.

The walls were covered in bougainvillea.
Gateway into the convent

Beyond the convent there's a network of ancient stone paved lanes


hardly a soul around, utter silence apart from the distant sound of the sea - magic!

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