Monday, 26 October 2015

Camping Koroni (British Reserve)

Campsites have developed over the past 30 years in Europe, on the whole they have moved on from the notion of having to 'rough it'. Such things as a heated shower block, if not actually the norm, are hardly uncommon. I suspect most Greek sites have not moved on in this way. This is not to say they are insanitary, in fact they are spotlessly clean in our experience.

There's a slope downwards...and to the right..
If you are planning on touring in Greece, be prepared for the idiosyncratic, The fittings often old or homespun. Here, at Camping Koroni, the grey water emptying point is a strange contraption formed from an adapted bit of guttering attached to a bit of expanding tubing. You placed the length of guttering under the grey water outlet, the flexible pipe snaked off under a bush and connected to a drain one presumes. The shower cubicles too are very odd - tiny tiled cubicles on the outside of the building, with only a rough hewn three-quarter door between you and the world at large. One if them is situated adjacent to the chemical toilet emptying point. This in itself is probably not a danger to health, or even unhygienic, but listening to your neighbours pour the contents if their Thetford down the drain, while you blithely attend to your morning ablutions is not a great way to start the day. Gill, ever the optimist did point out, "At least the water's nice and warm." I showered in the van....

Chemical toilet and odd pairing..

Aah cute, before you tickle his tum just bear in mind the camp-site cats favoiurite sunny spot - the tiles around the chemiical toilet....
Talking of the idiosyncratic, a few days ago I found myself moaning about how the German motorhomes in the last place had corralled themselves along the beach front, and 'occupied' the space. I guess this is the vehicular equivalent of the British complaint about German towels staking out the sun loungers.

Anyway, just to prove that my penchant for trading in ill-considered stereotypes is not entirely racist, here's a few prejudices concerning my compatriots. There are only three motorhomes on the entire site. They are all British, and they have all found the flattest pitches, so are parked more or less in a row. Whereas the Germans the other day had formed a bit of a club, with banter between the pitches and much bonhomie, not so the Brits, or particularly the males of the species. We are all busy studiously ignoring each other, keeping ourselves to ourselves. Of course not all British people are reserved, but enough of us for it to be noted as a national characteristic. I know this, because I conform to it. Given the choice of being sociable or being solitary, I prefer the latter. It's not that I lack 'personal skills'. I was a teacher, then had a leadership role, both required empathy and being able to work with people positively. I was good at both roles, but that's the point, they were roles with a purpose. Put in a social situation for the sake of it, without a purpose, then I am a bit lost.

I am happiest as an observer of situations rather than a participant. Probably that is why I like to travel and that's why I love to write. Take right now, Gill is chatting to the woman next to us but I am blogging, its great, communication with an invisible audience who don't ask questions and have the freedom to ignore me without ever hurting my feelings...hmmm, I am an introvert at heart, I think.


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